Today we submitted the application for our 501c3 to be established. Once official there will be a formal announcement on all of our social media outlets. A new website will be generated over the coming weeks with additional information. We look forward to the next chapter of VRC as we continue to cement our status within the BSC and crypto as a whole. Please visit our website for all current information, as well as our facebook
Thank you

-Justan, Founder/CEO

After a successful presale launch and PCS launch we are continuing our ongoing marketing structure of steady growth. Our goals are in place and are continuing to become reality. First donations will take place on friday — documented via zoom and will be made available on all platforms. Francisco Rivera live stream to take place tomorrow. Keenan Allen +2 teammates will be live streaming next week. There is also more in the pipeline that will be revealed as time continues. 501c3 formation to be applied next week along with LLC in late June.


Update: Contract has been deployed, telegram has been opened, initial marketing has begun, and we are gearing up for launch of our presale on Memorial Day. We couldn’t possibly be more excited to embark on this journey and we hope any and all who participate will be equally as excited. We look forward to the future because from here on out we go forward, only forward.

As we move closer towards launch day a few updates I’d like to put up here

  • Developer working on the contract to ensure safety, security, strength, and longevity
  • Website team is finalizing minor details of the website before it is made public; will add …

Freedom is a thing that people have taken for granted as of late, and many people forget how those freedoms came to be. Here at VRC our mission is to recognize those brave men and women that will never forget the costs of freedom. …

Veterans Recognition Crypto Currency

Auto Donation BEP20 Smart Chain Token — Giving back to those who gave us their all.

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